In anticipation of the new release of Rainbow Six: Rogue Leader, Sony Pictures Online Entertainment and Focus Features have released the first trailer. It’s a great little video showing off some of the special features that the game has to offer, including the story and characters. The video is very cute and entertaining and shows off what makes this game fun to play. Here’s my prediction for Rainbow Six Extraction will arrive on January 20th.

The story begins with a father and son fighting in an apartment. The boy was killed during combat and the father decides that he needs to do what he can to bring justice to the people involved. He turns to his technology and creates a new sniper that can shoot over long ranges and can eliminate enemy soldiers. The father then leaves his son and enters an army of robots to do the same as well. This setup gives us our first glimpse of the dynamic between humans and machines in this game.

The story ends with the death of the evil villain Dr. Isaac, played by none other than Michael Connelly. After putting an end to his wicked scheme, he is succeeded by his daughter Jill. The beginning of the film shows us that Michael has developed a strong relationship with Jill and goes out of his way to help her in any way he can. Michael wants her to realize her dreams of independence and is more than willing to go through what it takes for her to achieve that goal. Throughout the trailer we see Michael’s relationship with Jill evolve throughout the game. We also get a look at how their relationship develops throughout the game as well.

The main villain in Rainbow Six: Rogue Leader is the Chinese military advisor Sargent. He has the intention of destroying the Western World using a virus. He sends his best troops into the middle of an operation and captures a helicopter that belongs to the US Military. After killing the guards inside the plane, Sargrit gets inside and remotely controls the machine, using its military equipment to wipe out most of the military forces on the ground.

The game starts with Jason, a member of the American military, sent on a special mission to infiltrate and kill Sargent. He meets up with Jill, a girl from his past, who wants to help him save the world. Together they form a team, with Jason as the sniper. This is where the story begins to unfold. The two make their way through enemy territory and fight their way to the extraction point.

A military chopper crashes near the group and they must work together to survive. Several obstacles stand in their way, including robotic tanks, soldiers, and large machines gunning down the opposition. They eventually reach the extraction point, where Sargrit awaits them. With the help of some members of the team (led by Jason), the players have to take out the robots. In the meantime, Jason saves Jill and they make their way to the tops of a series of tall buildings.

On top of the tall buildings, there is an ominous sign: “The terrorists have activated the security forces. Cross the platform and enter the facility.” So begins the game amid a terror attack. At that point, the game switches to the ground level where the players need to figure out ways of making it through the facility intact.

The game comes complete with an audio CD that gives background information on the game’s characters and describes the objectives of the game. It also provides the game stats for every mission and reveals the exact maps and levels. These stats include everything from total deaths to the total health of all players in the game. All of this means that Rainbow Six: Rogue Command will be a welcome departure from the norm and provide gamers with an experience that will surprise them.