Grand Theft Bus is the exciting and humorous sequel of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. In this game you’re not a part of the action – you’re the target of the adventure. Take control of the “TSB” bus, and get everyone out of a jam. Don’t be a part of the plan – if you want to survive the night try to find out what you can do about the situation. There are two ways you can help the situation. You can help the boys out, or you can try to steal the bus and run as far away from the city as you can, while the cops search for your discarded vehicle.

This is not just any ordinary heist. If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto before you’ll know that the heists are usually bigger and more expensive than the normal thefts. When you get the request to help the boys out in the mission you are given some instructions. The first is to go to the “charges” station and speak with an agent. You are given limited information, but it will give you a general idea of what to expect when you’re going to steal the bus.

To start it off, you’ll have to select “escort” or “steal the bus”. Once done all you have to do is wait for the “cop” to show up. You’ll notice that the “cop” is a bunch of crazed men who are out for your cash. You have to fight your way through a lot of hostile gas stations and other obstacles to get to their truck.

Once there, you need to distract the guys long enough for you to get to their truck and then get inside. Stealing the bus isn’t that easy at all because of the gun battle that follows. It’s one of the more intense sections in the game.

After surviving the initial encounter, you’ll be given the chance to steal another bus. This time you have to use the back to drive it into the quarry. You have to make your way through the dense forest to reach the quarry without being noticed. As long as you don’t get spotted you should be able to reach the extraction point without any hassles.

When you reach the extraction point just keep driving and you’ll reach a group of FBI agents. You can help them arrest the criminals and hopefully, they will get enough jail time to serve their time in jail. If they escape, you’ll lose a life. This level is pretty hard, but not impossible. There are only three agents and you can’t miss them. They are also very tough to beat.

The next part is very simple. You have to steal the bus again and this time you won’t be slowed down by the “bus” obstructing your progress. All you have to do is run into the woods while avoiding the agents and they won’t notice you. The longer you play this level the better you will get and the better chance you’ll have of passing the level without being caught. Just do everything you can to get to the end within a short period.

Grand Theft Bus is a great online action-adventure game where you have to prove your reputation. It’s full of opportunity and excitement as you try to get the busload of loot that the criminals want. Even though it’s quite difficult, you should consider trying this game if you get the chance. It’s well worth it as it’s one of the best opportunities you can get for free to play games on the Internet.